Go Glasgow Now

The City and The People

I am talking about the Glasgow Botanical Gardens here. We the locals refer them simply as the Botanics. It’s sunny at the moment. And we are only a few minutes from our house at Kelvinside Gardens. So why don’t we just meander over to the Kibble Palace or the Hot Houses, the Herb Garden or maybe just nip over to the Botanic Cafe for a cup of coffee or a suck of ice cream?
Yes, let’s launch our ‘Go Glasgow Now’ exploration and I’ll be your guide today.
On the other hand, we don’t have to go to the gardens, just yet. We can go down by the River Kelvin to feed the squirrels and the pigeons instead. Or we can take a photo walk along the Kelvin Walk Way to Kelvin Bridge. Your choice by all means.
Oh, by-the-way, just call me Ali. Back home in Zanzibar, they used to call me
Ali Mdogo. Meaning wee Ali. If I was still there, they’d be calling me Mzee Ali. Meaning Old Ali. Sounds a bit odd, doesn’t it? Coming all the way from the tropics just to take you around on Enchanted Glasgow tours!
Now… Check the map on the right if you don’t know where the Glasgow Botanical Gardens are. They are conveniently located for public transport.
By bus
By subway (Underground)

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