Warm Sands of West Kilbride

A Story to Be Told

Almost every day, at the dawning of the day, three elderly friends meet at the warm sands of the shores of West Kilbride just below what is now recognized as the prize winning 5 Star Warm Sands Hotel of West Kilbride. The three old pals are in their eighties now. They have been meeting here ever since they all retired from the armed forces some twenty years now.

The three comrades, well known to the towners are simply known as the The three Comrades even though the hadn't actually served together in the forces. In fact, one was a soldier, one was a sailor and the other was a lieutenant in the commandos. They meet together for their first meal of the day cooked on a driftwood fire gathered the night before. Each of the comrades brings something to share and a flask of hot drink. They watch the sky beyond gradually glowing as it is lit from the east. They share their non-ending tales of the times in the forces and later as civilians. Read more...

Secret Gardens of Sambrinza

At last I've managed to visit the Secret Gardens of Sambrinza. I know you are just going to love what I have to tell you about these amazing gardens and the fascinating tales behind their development. Thanks to the kindness of my old friend Jim Mumford who offered to take me over to Sambrinza on what turned out to be just the right day for a visit.

A Day Visit to Dunoon

Don't think of a day visit to Dunoon as just another run-of-the-mill day over the water you are accustomed to hearing about. This mid- spring day trip to Dunoon combines history, adventure, horticulture, art, macro photography and more - all wrapped up in eight delightful precious daylight hours.

And in particular I intend to fulfill a request from one of our regular readers to visit what she refers to as the Giant Marangue Cafe and two specific art galleries of her choice. Anything I can do for our readers is my pleasure. Read more...



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